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Quotes are delayed, as of July 20, 2024, 01:07:43 AM CDT or prior.
All grain prices are subject to change at any time.
Cash bids are based on 10-minute delayed futures prices, unless otherwise noted.
Quotes are delayed, as of July 20, 2024, 01:07:43 AM CDT or prior.
Quotes are delayed, as of July 20, 2024, 01:07:43 AM CDT or prior.
Quotes are delayed, as of July 20, 2024, 01:07:43 AM CDT or prior.
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Quotes are delayed, as of July 20, 2024, 01:07:43 AM CDT or prior.
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Office (call or text): 705-313-2082
cell: 705-930-3488
Pete: cell: 613-391-9218 



Friday: Campbellford and Wooler Road will be open late. The weather forecast looks good, so we anticipate being open all weekend.


A HUGE thank you to those of you who have supported our recent fundraisers: QDM raised $8760 for 4H, and the Doctors' Cookoff raised well over $200,000 for the Campbellford Hospital.  Well done! 

 Harvest Update: We can see a little fusarium in some samples we have received. Nothing too concerning yet, but other years we have watched those levels climb as harvest progresses and the wheat keeps getting wet. As always, nothing good happens to mature wheat aside from a combine. Donna says,"Get your ass in gear and get combining."....She was looking at me, but pretty sure she meant you guys..... ;0)

 Man these markets are a hot mess. Its been a 60 day drop in corn with no real retracement. Markets always swing too far whether it's up or down. It really feels like we are moving back to where we came from in 2020, $3.50 front month futures. It's not even that far off now. There have been years with big drops in Jun/Jul that the market second guesses itself on production, or tight handed farmer causes the market to bounce in Aug, into early Sep. My old friend Roy Smith said, always sell beans Sep 9th, just ahead of the crop report. The move lower from then until the harvest low, give or take a week of Oct 1 is the most reliable move of the year. Avoid storage, charges and interest is a killer these days and of course "the market can remain illogical longer than we can remain solvent" seems applicable. 

Wheat harvest is approaching quickly.  Here are a few pre-harvest reminders:

1. Make sure your equipment is cleaned out well.  This includes treated seed, fertilizer and anything growing in the corners of trucks and wagons that wasn't cleaned out last year.

2. Your grain is not automatically sold upon delivery.  If you do not already have your wheat contracted, it will go into storage and stay there until you instruct us to sell it.  To sell it, you need to phone, text or email us at Campbellford to make the sale.  Sales cannot be made at the dump pit or at our Trenton location.  If you want us to sell your grain as it arrives, you need to contact us and let us know.  Even if you have done this in the past, you need to contact us annually to let us know what your intentions are for this harvest.

3.  We will be using new software this harvest, so your paperwork will look different than in previous years.  We are doing everything we can to ensure a smooth transition, but if you see anything on your documents that you have questions about, please contact us.

4. We are ready to receive wheat at Campbellford and Trenton.  We have not yet extended our hours, so once you anticipate needing us to stay late, let us know ahead of time so that we can arrange staffing. 

As always, we appreciate your business, we look forward to working with you this fall, and harvest safely!

The NFA Scholarship Application deadline is Aug. 1/24.

For details click on the NFA tab at the top of this page.


Jeff's getting caught up on our excavating to-do list and is ready to start on yours!  If you have any projects requiring a backhoe or excavator, let us know!  Not sure what all Jeff can do?  Click on the "Excavating" tab at the top of this page.



Upcoming Events:


Thursday, July 18: Northumberland Holstein Club Family Night hosted at Hoftyzer Farms, 9th Murray Road, Frankford.  5:30 - 8 pm.  

Monday, August 19: Northumberland Soil & Crop BBQ. Roseneath Fairgrounds. BBQ at 6:00. Carousel opens at 7:00.

August 21 & 22: Hastings County Plowing Match & Farm Show.  Hosted by Richard and Anne Dracup at 416 Sutherland Road, Stirling.



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